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Simple Ripple

As time draws near to the last minute gift giving, I thought I'd work on a few "One ball projects" I sure had fun with the Vienna yarn from Naturally. Have a look at this hat and scarf combo. Both the hat and scarf took one ball each with a couple of yards to spare. The scarf is 5" x 30" so with one more ball you could have a good size length. It will look fab with a gorgeous wooden shawl pin tucked thru it...

It's the Grey Heron Sock KAL...

Just in time for gift giving (that includes you)... We are celebrating the new publication of Cabin Fever's Need a Sock book... co-authored by Brenda Harris by hosting a KAL sockathon... as well as a class offering for newbies.... Class start on Wed Nov 17th @ 1:00pm... again on the 24th, Dec 1st and lastly on Dec 8th... Using the percentage method for knitting a good fitting sock- we will be following the Need a Sock book as our tutorial... Our class fee has been kept manageable @ $40.00 for the 8 hours of class in exchange for purchasing your materials from Grey Heron. It's a good symbiotic relationship that works for both parties. So, come on along for the learning experience and have loads of laughs too... 705-444-0370 Grey Heron Wool Shop Collingwood

Copenhagen here I come.. almost

Well it's Jim's annual meeting in Germany.. this year Air Canada has the direct flight to Copenhagen back on again- yeah!! Jim is spending a couple of days there with my shopping list after the convention.. my list has wine gums, Jule trimmings, and Stenia undies--- that's right from Fotex... it's a shop like our Loblaw food, household and clothing... I can't wait... He will visit with our friends and have a wonderful time... while I'm at home holding down the fort... oh well I say... the undies are on the way.. crazy I know.... but when you find a good fit why mess with a good thing...

Need A Sock? .. you bet you do....

Do you have your new copy of the Cabin Fever- "Need A Sock" book yet? We have sold our first lot of books and our second dozen copies will be in the shop on Wednesday Oct 6th @10am. Our very own Brenda Harris has co-authored this book with Deb Gemmell. Stop by and receive your very own signed copy as Brenda will be here at the Grey Heron wool shop all day Wednesday the 6th.... Planning a gift for a knitter? Here's your chance to have a personalized copy to give....

Elvis is heading to Collingwood

I'm knitting like crazy to finish a few baby gifts for a shower this weekend. My new-born booties are now my oversized footwear about to become my new- newborn felted booties:) The real new born booties are almost finished. The baby hat looks a tad large so it will be gently felted to reduce the size.It would really be nice if I started these projects before the week I need them... oh well, such is life. Take it as it comes and don't fuss too much.... So, like I was saying- Elvis is coming to Collingwood this weekend- so dust off the ol-blue suede shoes and head on over the town will be hopping!! Find all the details @ It should be a blast-

Look what arrived today?

I am so excited. Gifted- by Mags Kandis has just arrived. I see so many lovely things to make. Min danske venner vil elsker de " fulled jule bling" - translation- My danish friends will love their felted" Jule Bling" gifts for this years gift exchange. I will be enjoying a little "glog" with mine as I embroider little details of love on each one ... Here's my gift list so far: Frilly neck wrap- gorgeous mohair - 2 balls - great BFF gift Ruby red foo baby hat- just in time for the holiday gift giving- any new babies to knit for? oh ya! Petaled slouch cap- beautiful leaf details accompanied by a lovely leaf flower brooch- complete!! Funky earmuffs- great teen gift or for the young at heart- one for me- one for Brenda This book is a winner for sure!!! Every picture showcases a very well thought out detail, fun recipes to prepare to accompany your gifts... I can't wait to get started. I'm already rummaging through my stash- making plans to ge

It's been a while...

We have been very busy around here. We celebrated Canada Day in Collingwood by participating in the downtown fashion show. My daughter modeled a fun summer tank and short. My son wore the Tilley hat & vest with hemp pants, a bamboo polo and a side pouch... they both looked fab.. my grandson stole the show... he was a little shy but came around when asked a few questions... The main street is now open right down to the waterfront. What a lovely stroll along the water area.

Woolie news from Collingwood

It's been a very busy week here in the wool shop. New yarns are arriving- new classes are in the works for Fall- A few KALs (knit a long) have been organized- like the February Lady Sweater & the FibreTrends Clog... We are even planning for a Super Seven Scarf class - every Wednesday- each month two or more FREE patterns with kits will be offered up. ie: October- Breast Cancer Scarf in pink of course... I'll keep the rest a secret until its ready to announce.... In my searching for Roving patterns I bumped into a wonderful find: follow this link to the look alike Olympic shawl collar sweater... This is offered FREE on their website- upper right hand corner- better hurry in case it's only available for a short time:) Don't forget we have the "Red Carpet" day Saturday June 26th in downtown Collingwood... Browse around the shops- we have our dresses & skirts on SALE!!

Words of Wisdom...

Words of wisdom: Life is too short to knit with yarn you don’t love. Stash building - almost as much fun as knitting. Why spend $12 on lunch when you can buy a skein of yarn and eat an apple?

It's Salsa time...

It's "Salsa" time in Collingwood & Blue Mountains.. this weekend join in the fun on our main street of Collingwood for a little dance class... Live Latin music and entertainment... head to the Village on the shuttle bus to join in more FUN!! Saturday June 26th- 11am to 2pm... dust off the dancing shoes... and head on downtown... Grey Heron @ 66 Pine St Collingwood has a great summer clothing sale on.. stop by... You will always have fun on the shores of Georgian Bay... :)

Naturally yarns for Fall.... WOW!!

Yesterday Brenda and I headed out on a road trip to... Old Mill Knitting... to view new yarns for fall from Naturally... We had a fantastic lunch at .. the food was yummy and the desserts.. well, now I know why dessert has 2 ss's... that's because you want more than just one- lemon or pecan who can make a choice between that.... We met this group for the first time- Beth from OMK, Oliver from Naturally NZ, Bev from Filitura de Crossa and Julie from Needle Emporium (Beth's Sis).. and of course our fabulous sales rep Cathy... We saw new yarns, colours, samples- and other LYS owners- so nice to put a face to the name!! Then off to the warehouse for a girl's all time favorite sport??- you guessed it- SHOPPING... I'll give you a sneak peek- here's what on the way.... We have Aran Tweed- great colours- family patterns- Loyal DK- new colours & multis- Aspire a beautiful chunky soft yarn-and so many more... My favorite has to be: Wai

It's a Red & white SALE @ Grey Heron

Come and celebrate with us!! All Red & White clothing 50% savings!! Summer cotton skirts $19.99 - limited supply Clearance tent items- Odds N Sods - Good deals!! One day only... Thursday July 1st 10am - 4pm

Our Shelridge - Cabin Fever "Ridges" Sock that rocks!!!

I had so much fun choosing from my Shelridge sock yarn bin. What about the black/grey variegated with the hot pink- my version of Licorice Allsorts :) That would be cute... what about the Scottish Highlands- shades of purples, lichen, greens with the lichen or green contrast... that would work too.... I settled on Deserts of Tucson... turqs, rust browns with touches of blues :) that's it!!! And here it is.... Heather Hufton has created this beauty exactly to pattern. Brenda and I were teasing her about switching up the contrast colours- but as you can see by the finished socks- we have two opposite colourways- and I love it!! Who needs totally matching socks? It is more fun to let your creative slip hang down or in this case your socks.... Kudos to Heather for a beautiful creation- Thanks to Shelridge for such fab yarn to work with and of course thanks to Cabin Fever Ridges socks pattern... P.S.- Heather did pick up one more skein of variegated to make a matching pair:) P.P.S.S. -

Collingwood's Pine Street- new "Yorkville"

We are all located on Pine Street in Collingwood- eclectic- exciting- world class and so much more Buddha Dog - Amazing organic foods, sourced locally, "Taste the best of Grey/Bruce/Collingwood region - find out more @ Isis Photography- Here's a fabulous contemporary photography studio - "for people who are looking for something out of the ordinary" find out more @ Dags and Willow- Fine cheeses and gourmet foods- If you're a cheese lover you just can't miss Dags. Their St. Agur blue cheese is my fav- find out more @ Grey Heron- We have travelled the world to bring you fine Scandinavian fashions. Handpainted silks from Canada, Irish Tweed country caps- straight from the shores of Ireland Stop by our natural wool shop too- you'll be glad you did.. find out more @ The Huron Club- Collingwood's newest restaurant- opening soon- Open 7 days a week- meet for lunch, business meetin

Scaring Morley

Some people are just not animal lovers.. I can understand that.. sort of... in any case- our fair weather neighbour has returned to her "summer house" for the next few months. She believes that in order to stop Morley from barking at her - she must spray him with the hose... You can imagine my face when I watched her do just that this morning- standing in her housecoat- watering her flowers- turns and sprays Morley who is now barking at her posturing with the hose!! Morley responds to her intimidating style with a bark- "I don't like you" and she keeps on watering him!!... I asked her to stop and her reply " Oh, you don't want me doing that?" I informed her that if she keeps spraying him in her threatening way, he will keep barking at her- I asked her to ignore him and he will go about his way- I have heard her on many occasion indicate that she'll get the hose and fix him!!... I thought teasing dogs was just something children did- not 80 year

Georgian Bay cabin For Sale

Many fabulous family weekends were enjoyed at our little cabin in Johnson's Harbour near Owen Sound. The family would gather round for fun and games, great food, good times, fab music and best of all wonderful memories. So, it's with trepidation we sell our weekend get away. The sunset sets just off the waterside of our boat house. The pinks & yellows glisten off the water. Rosie the Grosbeak shows up at the bird feeder looking for a fill up. The jays and cardinals sing away in the cedars. Alvin the chipmunk races around trying not to be in anyone's way. Check out link above. Look thru all the pictures and just imagine yourself and family enjoying horseshoes, croquet and a feast of freshly caught bass. Just a land line phone to connect you to the outside world. Once you arrive @ Johnson's Harbour you step back in time to a quiet place on the bay.

Teens & Tweens from Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever's new book is just out... It will be coming shortly to Grey Heron. This has always been a difficult size range to find great patterns for. The Gemmell sisters have created a fabulous pattern book covering sweaters to accessories.... I can't wait to have it on our shelves.

Have you heard about Bbelts??

We are carrying this fabulous "Canadian" line of belts... no worries about- what size you need... as you can see just add a beautiful scarf and voila!! It's the perfect accessory for all year round use.. From black, chocolate, pecan, red you're not missing any classic colour. As for scarves- we carry a full range of prints. Belts retail for $65.00 and the scarves for $30.00 Check their website for "How to" videos... and get one today...

Tender tootsie warmers...

Check out these little footies. Brenda made these up last week using 15gms of a 50gm ball of Regia. They a re just cute as a button!! The pattern is a free download from the Regia website so you can get a copy for your files. Stop by - we have five colours in Regia Flusi Create your own pairs in fun colours- all for $8.90 per ball. If these are a little short for you- add a few more rows... Adjust the needle- adjusts the size for a larger foot They make up in no time at all.... make them for you friends, kids, grandchildren... anyone & everyone

A felting we will go... Follow the link to see the photos of our felted projects. The before and after clog picture didn't make the cut but it was a real eye-opener. Our own Donna is doing the "Vanna" thing- showing her fab clogs More pics will follow when our class finishes their multi-coloured felted clogs.

Felting Fun...

We are all set for our first Felting clog class tonight. Donna has been busy getting the clogs started and left in various stages for the class to see them transform into felted wonders. We were fortunate today that Julie from stopped by for a photo shoot for our felted examples. now even Julie wants to take the class. Look at all the really fun pieces we've made. From the felted hat to the needle felted Nisse... ipod case, eyeglass case, the Clog before & after shots, felted polar bear- we surely had a fab selection of items.... Felting can be so much fun. Who really knows how much your project will felt as from time to time your yarn while you might be using the same yarn, the project and knitting stitches will dictate the final outcome. So, we're off to class. Catch you later.

Trollbead 2 for 1 SALE.... clearance

Trollbeads 2 for 1 SALE.... Just in time for Mother's Day It's the last of our Trollbeads sales. We are clearing out all remaining stock. Purchase one bead at regular price and receive your second bead FREE!! (must be of equal or lesser value) SALE starts Wednesday April 28th @ 10am and continues until Saturday May 8th. Shop early for best selection...

New Baby arrivals...

I am excited for Leigh & Mike... Their new baby will arrive today with a little help from modern technology... I've been busy knitting little booties... all colours- fun yarns- more to follow... We have a new grandchild on the way expected at the end of May... that makes #7!!... I guess little Kimono sweaters will be next...

Our Butternut tree is GPS'd...

A couple of years ago I contacted the ministry to ask about the Butternut tree endangered program. Madelaine D showed up to check out out 80+year old shade tree. She was amazed at how healthy the tree was and GPS'd it right away. We have been saving tree fruit every year for the MNR to pick up. We had great news that our Butternut babies were identified and 100% pure DNA tested Butternut!!... yahoo... Several of our fruit seeds have grown and been replanted @ the Angus tree farm. :), the Sommerville Tree farm in Alliston and a few other tree farms. It is pleasing to know that we are helping an endangered tree species... Happy Earth Day everyone...

Criticism... misplaced

Criticism can be constructive or down right uncalled for. Today was an overload of misplaced critiques. It's the old "damned if you do... and dammed if you don't... I will always try to be objective and look at both sides of the comments and situations. Today was interesting to say the least... it was full of "I think you should do this" I think you should do that" and why don't you do??..... The one time I forget something- wow someone's right there to remind me... Walking in my shoes for one week would explain to you first hand what it's like to be in my business. I'll leave my comments at that because I read the Mags Kandis blog today and a smile hit my face... On such a weird day how could the name Selvedge a British magazine come up twice... That must be a sign for me to take notice of... Tomorrow, I will do just that... you can follow the below link to get a head start on my read... Check out the free downloads... what terrific ideas...

It's Felted Clog time....

It's time for a fun class in felting- Fiber Trends Felted Clogs were our choice.... I hear these are addictive!! you simply can't make just one pair.... It is always fun to see a before and after felting project. We will take a few pictures along the way. Clog Class fee $30.00 for Part 1 & 2. Learn the pattern idiosyncrasies, technics and general terms during part 1. Part 2 focusing on the sole attachment and felting how-tos... Part 3 class is optional but extremely fun. Embellishments for your clogs- beads- needle felting- embroidery fee: $20.00 The class instructor: Donna Bere Both classes require preregistration- There will be a Wednesday night Part 1 class starting Wednesday April 28th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. The part 2 class is the following Wednesday night May 5th. A Saturday morning class will be offered at a later date.

Oh- what a the song goes

My friend Debra invited myself and Joanne over to her place last night for a girlie night... good wine, great food- superb company... We shared my kinda dinner- a little hummus- olives, cheese, salami, snack breads, crackers, oh and fruit- it was wonderful... We chatted about Joanne's time in Florida- her Monday knit group @ Starbucks- sign me up!!! She golfed, shopped, visited wool shops, visited with family- a general fab time!! Debra chatted about the latest gallery Square Foot Art show @ her gallery- It was a successful show for sure- I helped out @ the "check out" desk... It's really wonderful to see so many "art lovers"... We then compared our latest & greatest knitting projects- Joanne with the gorgeous little silk lacy scarf, her beautiful multi textured shawl and some lovely new mohair for her sweater. Debra modeled her purple & green triangle shawl- what a beauty!!... and an experimental poncho in royal blue- nice cover

PF Flyers: Radio Flyer: Clam Diggers...??

Well, it was sure funny this morning on Canada AM. Jeff seemed to be the only one who knew what PF Flyers , Radio Flyer and Clam diggers were. Of course PF flyers were canvas runners, white laces and high tops. I had a pair that I just loved... being a baseball player I can still remember my red Bramalea Girls Softball team suits and my PFFs . I was the only one who could turn a home run into a 3 bagger - so my coach said... again with the short jokes... Now, as for the clam diggers/pedal pushers, as a girl from the 50's they were the summer pants.- just below the knee, or on me about mid calf.. height challenged... they didn't get caught in my bicycle chain and kept my legs cool... The boys wore the clam diggers but I'm not so sure they were that popular. It was a "girlie thing" not very boyish.... I think clam diggers came about because when you were digging for clams one would roll up their pant legs, wade into the water and dig for clams... henc

Goin PT cruisin...

Here's my latest news... I am now the proud owner of a PT Cruiser... oh ya!! Silver grey with the sleek styling... can't wait to get the Beach Boys playing so I can sing along.... Just the right fit for two...

Akiko's gift

Every Easter since moving home from Denmark I lament about the fact that I won't make my annual trip to Illum's candy department for my Faberge Easter eggs. As you read in an earlier post, my wish came true!! I have made this lovely little Silk ruffle scarf in Noro for Akiko as a thank you for sending me my Easter treats!! Notice the green glass display head- My friend Janet gave me four glass "hat heads" as I call them. They were Jan's Mother-in-law, Vi's. Vi passed away this week at 94. She had a marvelous collection of hats. She was a hat girl!!... Her front closet had a top shelf of hat heads dressed with HATS!! I will treasure these glass hat heads. Thanks Jan, for such a lovely thoughtful gift.

It's turkey season in Georgian Bay

Driving to work in the Georgian Bay area can be a real adventure. This morning was no exception. An anxious group of wild turkeys were venturing out to cross highway 26 in rush hour. foolish girls!! Pretty soon the local apple blossoms will be popping open. Our valley orchards will be full of bees excited to get the first taste of blossom juice. I'm glad the sun is shining today. It's a tad cool but soon the warmer temps will be back. When the snow leaves the anxious gardener in me emerges. A small selection of daffs & tulips are peeking out in the front garden. Our little blue bells and snow drops still cover our front grass. I hope they stay around a little longer. The trees are budding, the robins are nest building and Morley is back to chasing the squirrels. Here's Morley: Morley's heading to the cottage this weekend. I'm sure there will be more adventures of Morley, so stay

New patterns arrived

Well it's spring time for sure. The robins are racing around busy making nests and we're sorting out our newest patterns deciding which one to make first. Will it be the Seville Jacket... hum or the Baby Bunting bag... two extremes I know... one thing for sure- time will tell... If you see a pattern and just have to have it- drop me an email and we will ordered it if we don't already have it.. It's just that simple... Happy knitting- from the gals @ Grey Heron

Knit Kit- what a fab little tool

It's not just any old tool... It's the handiest gadget with a cute factor... As seen in March on Martha Stewart.... Crochet hook , thread cutter , locking counter , 5 ft. tape measure , stitch markers , tip protectors , and collapsible scissors Every girl should have one... don't you think? They'll be in soon...

Loft Gallery Square Foot Art show...

This is a really exciting event. Dozens of artists submit their 12"x12" canvas to participate in the show. The doors open on Friday April 9th @ 6:00pm. Everyone sees the show all at the same time. There is no advance viewings. Come on out- join in the fun- enjoy refreshments Meet some of the artists All paintings are $144.00 - that's right 12x12=$144.00 each paint.... For more details

Min chokolade aeg fra Michelsen...

I was so excited today when my husband showed up at my shop with a small package under his arm. I could see that it came from Denmark and that had me puzzled.... what could this be?? It was my favorite chocolates Michelsen in the Faberge egg. oh ya!! Our friend Akiko lives in Sweden. She remembered how much I loved these eggs every Easter so she sent me 3.... These metal eggs take on a historical Faberge pattern- on the inside is 3 chokolade goodies.... I will savour each yummy flavour.. of course I will share... In return for making my day, I have a beautiful camel hair scarf and fingerless mitts to send back to her. Denmark will be warm now but she will remember me on a chilly fall day with her new knitwear ... Friends are so special...

Silk ruffles

It's well worth knitting this fun scarf... I used up a little stash silk yarn in denim and natural shades... By the time I hit 1200 stitches I was using two circs- one for knitting and one as a holder... sounds a bit wild and crazy... it was.. but oh so gorgeous when finished With my "natural" hair colours the nubby silk tones on my denim jacket look fab... Happy Easter.. God Paske
Sunday was my day off and our day to drive out & about. We headed over towards Elmira- we like the farm land countryside drives... As we drove along we bumped into Wellington Fibers. We stopped to by and were invited in... Jim had the tour about the washing, dying etc... room while I chatted with Donna. The mohair/wool blends were wonderful- soft, pretty - just lets the imagination run wild... I have a plan to choose colours and have some blends made up for the shop... ready for fall perhaps... It made for a wonderful day drive, a pleasant surprise and something new to look forward to... Thanks Donna for taking the time for a chat...

Grey Heron April class info

It’s class time again… Here’s a few “I need help” requests we’ve had come in from our knitters so we created a class just for you. If you haven’t attended one of our classes with Brenda Harris as the instructor well you are in for a treat!! Brenda is a very accomplished passionate knitter. She is a wealth of knowledge and her classes offer numerous helpful hints far beyond the lesson techniques offered. Check out Brenda’s blog @ Part 1= Wednesday April 14 th 10:30am to 12:00pm $25.00 for 1 ½ hours Finishing Techniques v Learn to sew seams v Mattress Stitch v 3-needle Bind off v Kitchener Stitch Finishing a garment can make or break the overall look for your newest labour of love. This class is designed to help you fine tune your skills and create a level of confidence that when you read a pattern and see the term “use 3-needle bind off” you are so confident that you can do just that- your class skil

Alpaca Lace- soft & lux has arrived

Yesterday our Berroco Alpaca Lace yarn arrived- oh ya!! Now you're talking- just thinking of all the gorgeous lace work projects in the making... Shawls- Luna Moth, Swallowtail, Snow Drop- yarn harlot, Heirloom Lace - Canadian Living, the choices are endless---- just check out ravelry Colours: Off white, Grass green, Azure Teal, Oatmeal- fabulous choices for your projects 50% Peruvian wool, 20% Super fine Alpaca, 30% Nylon = $11.95 - 30sts, 2.75mm, 433yds Stop in- check it out-add to your stash!!

Successful mission...

Well, what a find... Shelridge farms has the finest collection/selection of hand dyed yarns... have a look for yourself... now add a little solid colour... and presto!! the latest Cabin Fever sock pattern emerges... oh ya, I found my Apple Blossom colourways.. I can see it now... soft pinks to strong dark pinks surrounded by spring greens... successful mission!! just in time for the spring Apple Blossom extravaganza here in the Georgian Bay region...

In search of Apple Blossom sock yarn

It's my day off and I've planned to meet Buffy Taylor @her farm, Shelridge Farms. I'm so excited!! The Taylors have a wonderful selection of yarns - perfect addition to my wool shop. I haven't received my Classic Elite Alpaca sox yarn and I can't wait. I've already labelled one colourways Blue Mountain- blues n greens.. just like the bay... and of course not to be out done by Bruce Trail - mixture of greens n browns- just like the trails... so my search for the perfect Apple Blossom colourways just might be over... yesterday I discovered that Shelridge had the perfect colourways, already labelled Apple Blossom- :)) The area I live in is a blend between water, nature and orchards... now you see the bay, the trails and the apples.. Pictures to follow- on this beautiful sunny day

First signs of spring

Here's a tiny start to Spring... snowdrops are coming up.... The sun has been shining for several days now... It's hard to believe that just two weeks ago this front yard garden had 2 1/2 ft of snow sitting there...

It's a rainy day in Collingwood...

Well, it's the afternoon already but I've had a fun morning. The knitters are racing into the shop, picking up project yarn for their March break holidays and off they go... Wish I was going on a March break!!! someday!! So, I'm busy working on the Block squares for our afghan class.... taking care of a few housingkeeping details around the shop, back to my knitting... and now it's raining... sure hope the snow stays on the hills or the March break skiers will be board!!... maybe they'll revert to knitting... ah, one can always hope... Hope springs eternal I hear.... I finished a little baby shrug- so cute- Sirdar Bamboo and PomPom in baby pink... My 50's babydoll never looked so good!! And back to my baby blanket.. I'm working with Flusi Regia sock yarn- dble strand- giant dishcloth really--- gorgeous colours--- for my BF's daughter's 1st baby... Classic Elite and Naturally arrived at the shop this week... with more to follow... I can't wait for

Fall 2010... yup...

Well, I viewed one of the Fall 2010 GELCO lines for the coming fall season. It's pretty fab!!... nice colours- purple, red, taupes, touch of animal, kiwi, turq, black-ye-old stand by... Nice denims black, dark blue, taupe... and of course the basic pant every wardrobe should have... I was spoiled for choice!!! A few vests, denims and a great topper---- Viola!! lookin good... Check back for few pics next week.