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It's the Grey Heron Sock KAL...

Just in time for gift giving (that includes you)... We are celebrating the new publication of Cabin Fever's Need a Sock book... co-authored by Brenda Harris by hosting a KAL sockathon... as well as a class offering for newbies.... Class start on Wed Nov 17th @ 1:00pm... again on the 24th, Dec 1st and lastly on Dec 8th... Using the percentage method for knitting a good fitting sock- we will be following the Need a Sock book as our tutorial... Our class fee has been kept manageable @ $40.00 for the 8 hours of class in exchange for purchasing your materials from Grey Heron. It's a good symbiotic relationship that works for both parties. So, come on along for the learning experience and have loads of laughs too... 705-444-0370 Grey Heron Wool Shop Collingwood

Copenhagen here I come.. almost

Well it's Jim's annual meeting in Germany.. this year Air Canada has the direct flight to Copenhagen back on again- yeah!! Jim is spending a couple of days there with my shopping list after the convention.. my list has wine gums, Jule trimmings, and Stenia undies--- that's right from Fotex... it's a shop like our Loblaw food, household and clothing... I can't wait... He will visit with our friends and have a wonderful time... while I'm at home holding down the fort... oh well I say... the undies are on the way.. crazy I know.... but when you find a good fit why mess with a good thing...