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Wednesday knitting action

and Audrey's Thrum mittens Audrey's knitting up a storm Arlene's date squares- yummy thxs So, Wednesday was a fun day. Let's see if Margaret's sweater grows sleeves... Margaret's WIP in Cabin Fever Tweed   

Customer delivery

Vintage button stash A lovely lady dropped off this little stash of vintage buttons - no longer needed... a few rhinestone, horn, mother of pearl etc... They will no doubt find a wonderful home here.

Cafe - full house of fun

Heather's Cabin Fever cardie- lovely!! Visitors Thursday was sure a great day.. everyone having fun- wonderful knitted items finished and started... a few WIPs... a few out of country visitors stopped by for a visit... have a look WIPs Let's have a look

Principles of Knitting- back in print

For those of you who remember the Principles of Knitting, this jumbo book of information it has been out of print for years... well like all good things.... it's back.... in all it's glory...  I just ordered my new copy from Amazon for 31.00... what a steal. If you happen to need it, want it and can't live without it- place that order... you won't be disappointed.... Thanks Cheryl for letting me know...

KnitFest Spring 2012

KnitFest Spring 2012 Our plans are well under way for our Spring workshop. The venue will be held at the Ravenna Community Hall on Saturday March 31, 2012 from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Joining us this year will be Kate Atherley (aka Wise Hilda Knits blog) from Toronto. Here’s a glimpse into her bio.  Kate Atherley, a.k.a. Wise Hilda I'm a teacher, designer and writer, based in Toronto. My book " Beyond Knit and Purl " has been praised for its fresh approach to teaching knitting. I'm Lead Technical Editor for Knitty & KnittySpin , and the Knitting Editor of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine. Kate will be bringing her new book along for you to purchase. Get your own signed copy… The other teacher joining us is Glenna C. (aka Crazy Knitting Lady – Knitting to Stay Sane blog)  Here’s a glimpse into her bio. I live near Toronto. I started knitting as a child and really focused in on knitting during my studies.

Knit Flat mitts

For all the knitters looking for a fast fun mitten pattern try Sally Melville's knit flat mitts and hat. I chose Vienna a yarn from Naturally. It works up lovely and soft. I customized the mitt length to fit my hand- since I know that garter stitch can grow, I wanted a good fit without too much room at the finger top..The Anthon Berg cookie was full when Ruth brought it to class... just a wee bit of Danish delight... Mitt #2 is almost finished and then of course comes the knit flat hat... since the weather is turning back to winter again, I'll need a good fitting fashionable hat.. 

Brown Sheep yarns arrive today...

After passing through 9 towns, four states and crossing the border, my order should arrive today. Lamb's Pride 85% wool and 15% mohair is a felters dream... Wonderful yarn to knit with... fabulous yarn to felt with... We have dozens of colours to chose from in the aran weight and a dozen colours in the bulky to satisfy your knitting habits... I can see a felted bag in my future... 

Another weaving success...

The excitement around weaving with colourful yarns is - What will it look like... even when we knit we wonder how it will stripe out. Well, once again a beautiful creation from Cheryl using our Regia sock yarn.

Long overdue photos

When grandchildren start arriving suddenly your knitting projects change size. This beautiful piece was created by one of our Wednesday knitters Arlene for a new soon to be grandchild. She used the ever popular Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed yarn for both projects. Have a look at the i cord edged Baby Surprize jacket... oh so fab!!! Well done!!

Calling all Swirl jacket lovers...

My friend Donna brought in her stunning Noro Swirl jacket to show off in the wool shop. She thought maybe it would inspire a few knitters to make one. The cafe knitters of yesterday were gaga over this jacket. I've ordered books and getting ready for the yarn order as we have a few serious "Swirlers" in the crowd...

Frilly scarf yarns arrive

They're here!!... Sashay frilly scarf yarn has finally arrived... great colours... knits up quickly...