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65 Simcoe Street Collingwood - here I come

Our relocation plan gets started on Monday the 15th. With the help of fabulous friends, Donna, Heather and my wonderful husband, Jim the transformation of Studio 1 takes on Grey Heron's new look. The funky space with 50s turquoise walls and a black glass tile kitchen cupboard wall, will start to fill up with the yarn shelves. My suppliers have been remarkable at replacing my stock as I needed. BIG thank you to John from Estelle Yarns -  . My shelves will be filling up with Cascade, King Cole, Baa Ram Ewe, Manos and Lang yarns this week. John, The Dye Guy is busy dying Socky Talky yarns in his usual exciting colours. Cindy from Apple Laine is getting my order of Apple Pie Trail yarns ready for me. Deb from Cabin Fever  has my order ready for delivery this week. We still have Rhichard Devrieze yarns, Biscotte & Cie yarns, Turtlepurl, Noro, Patons Kroy sock, Dye Version, Opal sock, Lana Grossa and Brown Sheep  to arrive to roun

Grey Heron Natural Designs Gets Out of Hot Water --- press release!!

Grey Heron Natural Designs Gets Out of Hot Water Karen Farmilo had a nasty surprise when she unlocked her yarn shop, Grey Heron at 66 Pine St. in Collingwood, on Wednesday, June 26th.   Her stock of yarns - basics to hand dyed luxury was a sodden mess due to a leaky water tank in a rental apartment above her store.  The mushy ceiling tiles, soggy carpeting, warped furniture and ruined yarn have all been removed and space is now in rebuild mode.  Farmilo is busy calling suppliers so that she can restock the Grey Heron new shelves without too much delay. There is still a lot of paperwork and re-organizing left to do but Farmilo is confident that she can have her store open again before the August long weekend - at her newly renovated space in the "Market" building @ 65 Simcoe Street Collingwood.  entrance @ 65 Simcoe St, Collingwood You can enter through the front double doors and find Grey Heron located at the first door on the left. You may also en