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A felting we will go... Follow the link to see the photos of our felted projects. The before and after clog picture didn't make the cut but it was a real eye-opener. Our own Donna is doing the "Vanna" thing- showing her fab clogs More pics will follow when our class finishes their multi-coloured felted clogs.

Felting Fun...

We are all set for our first Felting clog class tonight. Donna has been busy getting the clogs started and left in various stages for the class to see them transform into felted wonders. We were fortunate today that Julie from stopped by for a photo shoot for our felted examples. now even Julie wants to take the class. Look at all the really fun pieces we've made. From the felted hat to the needle felted Nisse... ipod case, eyeglass case, the Clog before & after shots, felted polar bear- we surely had a fab selection of items.... Felting can be so much fun. Who really knows how much your project will felt as from time to time your yarn while you might be using the same yarn, the project and knitting stitches will dictate the final outcome. So, we're off to class. Catch you later.

Trollbead 2 for 1 SALE.... clearance

Trollbeads 2 for 1 SALE.... Just in time for Mother's Day It's the last of our Trollbeads sales. We are clearing out all remaining stock. Purchase one bead at regular price and receive your second bead FREE!! (must be of equal or lesser value) SALE starts Wednesday April 28th @ 10am and continues until Saturday May 8th. Shop early for best selection...

New Baby arrivals...

I am excited for Leigh & Mike... Their new baby will arrive today with a little help from modern technology... I've been busy knitting little booties... all colours- fun yarns- more to follow... We have a new grandchild on the way expected at the end of May... that makes #7!!... I guess little Kimono sweaters will be next...

Our Butternut tree is GPS'd...

A couple of years ago I contacted the ministry to ask about the Butternut tree endangered program. Madelaine D showed up to check out out 80+year old shade tree. She was amazed at how healthy the tree was and GPS'd it right away. We have been saving tree fruit every year for the MNR to pick up. We had great news that our Butternut babies were identified and 100% pure DNA tested Butternut!!... yahoo... Several of our fruit seeds have grown and been replanted @ the Angus tree farm. :), the Sommerville Tree farm in Alliston and a few other tree farms. It is pleasing to know that we are helping an endangered tree species... Happy Earth Day everyone...

Criticism... misplaced

Criticism can be constructive or down right uncalled for. Today was an overload of misplaced critiques. It's the old "damned if you do... and dammed if you don't... I will always try to be objective and look at both sides of the comments and situations. Today was interesting to say the least... it was full of "I think you should do this" I think you should do that" and why don't you do??..... The one time I forget something- wow someone's right there to remind me... Walking in my shoes for one week would explain to you first hand what it's like to be in my business. I'll leave my comments at that because I read the Mags Kandis blog today and a smile hit my face... On such a weird day how could the name Selvedge a British magazine come up twice... That must be a sign for me to take notice of... Tomorrow, I will do just that... you can follow the below link to get a head start on my read... Check out the free downloads... what terrific ideas...

It's Felted Clog time....

It's time for a fun class in felting- Fiber Trends Felted Clogs were our choice.... I hear these are addictive!! you simply can't make just one pair.... It is always fun to see a before and after felting project. We will take a few pictures along the way. Clog Class fee $30.00 for Part 1 & 2. Learn the pattern idiosyncrasies, technics and general terms during part 1. Part 2 focusing on the sole attachment and felting how-tos... Part 3 class is optional but extremely fun. Embellishments for your clogs- beads- needle felting- embroidery fee: $20.00 The class instructor: Donna Bere Both classes require preregistration- There will be a Wednesday night Part 1 class starting Wednesday April 28th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. The part 2 class is the following Wednesday night May 5th. A Saturday morning class will be offered at a later date.

Oh- what a the song goes

My friend Debra invited myself and Joanne over to her place last night for a girlie night... good wine, great food- superb company... We shared my kinda dinner- a little hummus- olives, cheese, salami, snack breads, crackers, oh and fruit- it was wonderful... We chatted about Joanne's time in Florida- her Monday knit group @ Starbucks- sign me up!!! She golfed, shopped, visited wool shops, visited with family- a general fab time!! Debra chatted about the latest gallery Square Foot Art show @ her gallery- It was a successful show for sure- I helped out @ the "check out" desk... It's really wonderful to see so many "art lovers"... We then compared our latest & greatest knitting projects- Joanne with the gorgeous little silk lacy scarf, her beautiful multi textured shawl and some lovely new mohair for her sweater. Debra modeled her purple & green triangle shawl- what a beauty!!... and an experimental poncho in royal blue- nice cover

PF Flyers: Radio Flyer: Clam Diggers...??

Well, it was sure funny this morning on Canada AM. Jeff seemed to be the only one who knew what PF Flyers , Radio Flyer and Clam diggers were. Of course PF flyers were canvas runners, white laces and high tops. I had a pair that I just loved... being a baseball player I can still remember my red Bramalea Girls Softball team suits and my PFFs . I was the only one who could turn a home run into a 3 bagger - so my coach said... again with the short jokes... Now, as for the clam diggers/pedal pushers, as a girl from the 50's they were the summer pants.- just below the knee, or on me about mid calf.. height challenged... they didn't get caught in my bicycle chain and kept my legs cool... The boys wore the clam diggers but I'm not so sure they were that popular. It was a "girlie thing" not very boyish.... I think clam diggers came about because when you were digging for clams one would roll up their pant legs, wade into the water and dig for clams... henc

Goin PT cruisin...

Here's my latest news... I am now the proud owner of a PT Cruiser... oh ya!! Silver grey with the sleek styling... can't wait to get the Beach Boys playing so I can sing along.... Just the right fit for two...

Akiko's gift

Every Easter since moving home from Denmark I lament about the fact that I won't make my annual trip to Illum's candy department for my Faberge Easter eggs. As you read in an earlier post, my wish came true!! I have made this lovely little Silk ruffle scarf in Noro for Akiko as a thank you for sending me my Easter treats!! Notice the green glass display head- My friend Janet gave me four glass "hat heads" as I call them. They were Jan's Mother-in-law, Vi's. Vi passed away this week at 94. She had a marvelous collection of hats. She was a hat girl!!... Her front closet had a top shelf of hat heads dressed with HATS!! I will treasure these glass hat heads. Thanks Jan, for such a lovely thoughtful gift.

It's turkey season in Georgian Bay

Driving to work in the Georgian Bay area can be a real adventure. This morning was no exception. An anxious group of wild turkeys were venturing out to cross highway 26 in rush hour. foolish girls!! Pretty soon the local apple blossoms will be popping open. Our valley orchards will be full of bees excited to get the first taste of blossom juice. I'm glad the sun is shining today. It's a tad cool but soon the warmer temps will be back. When the snow leaves the anxious gardener in me emerges. A small selection of daffs & tulips are peeking out in the front garden. Our little blue bells and snow drops still cover our front grass. I hope they stay around a little longer. The trees are budding, the robins are nest building and Morley is back to chasing the squirrels. Here's Morley: Morley's heading to the cottage this weekend. I'm sure there will be more adventures of Morley, so stay

New patterns arrived

Well it's spring time for sure. The robins are racing around busy making nests and we're sorting out our newest patterns deciding which one to make first. Will it be the Seville Jacket... hum or the Baby Bunting bag... two extremes I know... one thing for sure- time will tell... If you see a pattern and just have to have it- drop me an email and we will ordered it if we don't already have it.. It's just that simple... Happy knitting- from the gals @ Grey Heron

Knit Kit- what a fab little tool

It's not just any old tool... It's the handiest gadget with a cute factor... As seen in March on Martha Stewart.... Crochet hook , thread cutter , locking counter , 5 ft. tape measure , stitch markers , tip protectors , and collapsible scissors Every girl should have one... don't you think? They'll be in soon...

Loft Gallery Square Foot Art show...

This is a really exciting event. Dozens of artists submit their 12"x12" canvas to participate in the show. The doors open on Friday April 9th @ 6:00pm. Everyone sees the show all at the same time. There is no advance viewings. Come on out- join in the fun- enjoy refreshments Meet some of the artists All paintings are $144.00 - that's right 12x12=$144.00 each paint.... For more details

Min chokolade aeg fra Michelsen...

I was so excited today when my husband showed up at my shop with a small package under his arm. I could see that it came from Denmark and that had me puzzled.... what could this be?? It was my favorite chocolates Michelsen in the Faberge egg. oh ya!! Our friend Akiko lives in Sweden. She remembered how much I loved these eggs every Easter so she sent me 3.... These metal eggs take on a historical Faberge pattern- on the inside is 3 chokolade goodies.... I will savour each yummy flavour.. of course I will share... In return for making my day, I have a beautiful camel hair scarf and fingerless mitts to send back to her. Denmark will be warm now but she will remember me on a chilly fall day with her new knitwear ... Friends are so special...

Silk ruffles

It's well worth knitting this fun scarf... I used up a little stash silk yarn in denim and natural shades... By the time I hit 1200 stitches I was using two circs- one for knitting and one as a holder... sounds a bit wild and crazy... it was.. but oh so gorgeous when finished With my "natural" hair colours the nubby silk tones on my denim jacket look fab... Happy Easter.. God Paske