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A little HP goes along ways

Now, I do love HP - sauce, ha!! bet you thought I meant Harry Potter, well you would be right, no fooling this group. What's all the fuss? No fuss, just great reading or TV watching. Today, we are Enablers... why you ask?? We have HP colours here from Cascade yarns.... then make a visit to ravelry, print out a few HP patterns and you are set to make a child of any age happy!! You may have your own colour groups too... these ones are our suggestions.....  superwash 855 superwash 821 superwash 813 superwash 816         superwash 815 220 wool 220 wool 220 wool 8401 220 wool 220 navy 8555 220 wool 220 wool Remember, our drop in Knit Cafe is every Thursday afternoon 1 - 4. 

Liberty Print from Classic Elite has just arrived

The colours in this yarn have impressed me immensely. Just think, a lovely yarn, washable, great colours, terrific for kids, accessories and all in colour blends to knock your socks off!! I can't wait to get started on the Two Direction Scarf. It's just a little garter and rib combo that shows off the great mix of colours. I'm thinking Christmas... Here's the line up: Brick Road Caribbean Tide Pool Cloudy Dawn Leaf and Bumble Bee North Sea White Caps Sunrise Violet Glen Watercolour Rainbow Liberty Print = 122 yds Worsted weight 20sts @ 4.5mm 50gm $13.00 So, I think it will have to be - North Sea White Caps in honour of my time living in Denmark. and here it is...