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I'm not a poncho

This cute little number is Brenda's latest creation. I love it!!... although made up in Briggs Super it's a tad heavy... but gorgeous... She added the pewter buttons for a touch of flair.... tada!! Keeps the chill out, adds a great style... and easy to do... Two panels the same size, pick up around the neck line for a t-neck, mock neck or couple rows of ribbing... your choice...

Necker class was a hit!!

We're off to the races... how many can we get done before Christmas? What a fun class we had. Neckers, cowls and gaiters dressing the wooden heads stands. Brenda had been hard at work getting our patterns and designs created, knitted and ready to go. Even at the last minute the Green button neckwarmer emerged - a touch of wool and ribbons to create a wonderful piece to keep the chill out. Everyone was hard at work... Debra was taking a moment to reflect on the class!! Their patterns were chosen with such great care, the creations were started, up with a flair, Smiles and laughter filled the air!!! More pics to follow as each knitters does the "Show & Tell" stay tuned...

Make a Quick Gift...

That's right folks... the wool shop is full to the brim with colour, texture and ideas. We can squeak in one more gift making workshop before Christmas. Plan for 2 hours- 12:30 to 2:30 on Saturday Dec 5th... make your Nifty Neckwarmer, Cute Cowl or Guy's Gaiter... Fab little gifts for friends, stocking stuffers or a little something for you... We designed your gifts in garter stitch, a touch of lace, how about a ruffle? add a button... cable it.. rib-it... in wonderful yarns- a soft angora blend, chunky merino, a wee bit of cashmere or camel hair, verigated silks & wools- only the best for this little luxury item... Come on in... register for this workshop. Brenda Harris makes the Grey Heron wool shop rock!! She'll be your designer for the day. Brenda's extraordinary talents are hard at work creating the samples for the workshop.  Skill level: must be able to cast on, knit, purl and cast off.... Class includes the tutorial, yarns, pattern and refresh

and the winner is?

Battle of the Blades wrapped up tonight... my vote was right on.. Craig and Jamie WON!! The music... clapping, whistles!!... how exciting- thrilling actually... Kurt Browning skated a fabulous routine... unbelievable... All the pairs were just wonderful... I chose Craig and Jamie because Craig took the risks - jumps, new moves- each week his figure skating skills increased... just my opinion...What to watch on tv now? Doesn't matter- knitting takes over... oh ya... what will I make?

New wool arrivals

Well, well... the shelves are filling up.. Noro arrived along with, Berroco Sox, Mirasol, Aslan Trends, Louisa Harding, Berroco Peruvia... and Viking Garn- wonderful pattern support... Kits anyone? Mohair Socks, Shawls, Christmas Stocking, Baby hat & bootie kit, Hemwol sock kits, Lace fingerless gloves, Afghans- fab selection of textures and colours... nice gifts!! On the clothing side of things- the Irish wool cashmere blend jackets, ruanas and hats will be in this week... oh what beauties!!! and coming from my favourite land of Guinness... Watch for our late night shopping hours... we are open everyday until Christmas eve... Drop by... to see our Maypole Holly Christmas tree... and our Nisse...

Deb Gemmell was delightful!!

Saturday arrived like all the others... this day Deb Gemmell was coming to my shop... yup... my shop... She came in sat down at my kitchen table and shared a coffee with Sharon, Karen, Gerri, Brenda and myself... All her expertise poured out... let's make a Teddy bear sweater... I was watching as I had to tend to my morning clients... Each gal started and listened, knit and listened more... Their eyes and ears peeled on Deb... try this.. try this increase, add stitches here.. and so on.. These gals are experienced knitters.. even they were finding this workshop informative.. I'm so glad this workshop was a success!! Deb is such a talented designer... I have sold all my Need a Hat books and have to order more... I look forward to planning for another Deb Gemmell workshop.. in the Spring.. so for all you gals who missed this chance... opportunity will knock again...

Battle of the Blades.. oh ya!!!

For years I watched figure skating.. wanting to be a good as any of the ice skaters... saturday morning skate class was fun and gave me a little insight to the skating world... Tonight we watched the Battle of the Blades... what a show.. strong men, soft and gentle giants flipping over their partner with such grace... the women are beautiful power houses... graceful and talented... together the partner ships have blossomed more each week until the final show tonight... I'm not a big fan of reality shows but this one caught my eye... it's been such fun... I look forward to finding out who wins the voting... I voted but I can't tell you... until tomorrow...

Goin on a road trip...

We off to Toronto for the Diamond Yarn open house... Brenda's coming along and we're going to have some fun, no doubt... The two of us loose in the wool department... we could cause some serious damage... I have my shop list of things to look for... I will have a tough time separating my wants from my needs... you know how it is.. I don't need anything... me stash overfloweth--- oh, one more ball or two won't make a difference... We'll do the meet and greet and head to the preview of Spring/Summer 2010 new yarns... Catch my post on Tuesday for the exciting things to come...

Exciting news!!! Deb Gemmells coming tomorrow

Deb Gemmell is coming to the wool shop for a workshop... oh ya!!... Knit Top down... This will be fun.... Along comes patterns, kits, yarn and more.... we're ready...

Wool room up dates

It's been a busy few days and with the cooler weather arriving everyone is getting a head start on knitting. We have our Noro order on the way along with a selection of Vikingarn... fabulous pattern support... can't wait The Sirdar eco wool arrives this week for our group to get started on the giant cowl... should be fun... Our Craigleith shawl kits are ready to go... well almost... what beautys!!!! A fine collection of textures and colours hand picked to create a wonderful shawl... stay tuned for pictures on that one... Don't forget, Wednesday nights from 7 - 9 are our new tutorial nights. Megan is here to help you get your project started, sort out your miss-directions and get you on track.... Ask us for more details... space for 10 at the table... Call to book your spot... As always, we serve organic teas and Ashanti coffee from our friends in Thornbury... Eucalan is one the way... keep all your hand knits in good order... Nifty little "knitters must haves"

It's been a wierd week

I met two fab ladies last week.... Ruby and Marg... They came in the shop with Brenda to have a peek around on their way to a Knitting Cruise in the Caribbean... lucky girls!! It's been a super week in the wool shop. Our kits for our Craigleith shawl are coming along nicely. Our Wednesday night tutorial classes have started up. From 7pm to 9pm every Wednesday.. frop by and learn something new, refresh finishings or what ever you fancy. Don't forget, Saturday classes and workshops are available for your group. Join in our "Knit TOp Down Class" Saturday November 7th with Deb Gemmell. Call to reserve...

Beginners were winners!!

Well, the group showed up for class and had amazing projects in hand. Most were ready to cast off and get going on the fringe!!.... some even launched into their Christmas gift list knitting... What a positive eager group... I'll wait for the grand finally of projects to come in before I post the finished projects... Onto the beginner class #2... and the mitten class... Who doesn't like mittens? warm cozy fun... great for a cold day... soft cashmere, hardy wools, fine alpaca... or how about a thrum mitt used in days gone by?.. Mitten class starts on Sat Oct 17th for 2 hours... continues on Sat Oct 24th for 2 hours... Let's watch the fledglings fly!!!!

Beginner knitters at work

The excitement filled the room... Megan was introducing the group to her knitting bag.... what a treat!! such beautiful hand-spun yarns... Everyone had a great time... and now they have the "Bug" Stay tuned for the finished projects... next week...

Now here's a giant bird

At our grandson's first birthday party this weekend we met the jumbo turkeys... huge and mean!! I had never seen one like this before... a blue head with a red gobble chin... one ugly bird!! This would be pre-Thanksgiving dinner... We might show you post-Thanksgiving dinner... stay tuned

Wool room gets a make over :)

Brenda started today... what a fab make over... every corner picture perfect... Thanks B A sales rep dropped in so we had fun... playing the touch and feel... so a little Sirdar Baby Bamboo is on the way... along with a touch of merino camel hair blend from Ella Rae... Our beginner knitting classes start on Sept 23rd... anxious gals... stay tuned for pics... All & all... fun day!!!

Knit Top Down workshop @ Grey Heron Wool Shop

We are hosting our first workshop at our new shop. Deb Gemmell will be here in November for a "Knit Top Down" workshop. We have room for 7 so sign up now. Call or email for more details. 705-444-0370 Collingwood

Looking for Rowan Plaid or Colinette Graffiti?

I just came across 2 full bags of Stormy Night Rowan Plaid. I also found 18 balls of Driftwood Rowan Plaid. Then we have Graffiti... numerous colours... yummy colours... Drop me an email if you're interested.

Grey Heron Wool Shop is Open... yahoo!!

It's true... we have moved to 66 Pine Street Collingwood. We have our wonderful natural clothing lines. All our accessories, leathergoods and jewellery... AND Exciting news!!.... We have opened a wool shop within. Gorgeous alpacas, hemps, mohairs, silks, wools and more... Rowan, Colinette, Hemp for Knitting, Berroco, Mission Falls, Manos, Elle Rae, Earth Collection, Elsebeth Lavold.... Dig that old knitting project out of your closet and come along to our Wednesday and Friday "Knit Cafe". Drop by around 3:00pm and stay until 7:00pm.... Meet our two knitting designers... great gals... Sign up for a class or a workshop. Get re-introduced to knitting.. relax around the big table... meet new friends.. have a few laughs, a coffee or tea.. add a little sweet treat and it makes for a wonderful afternoon... Put your best foot forward in one of our Hemp socks... Take the kit home or stay and knit'n chat... New hours: Monday: CLOSED Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:30am to

and the wool keeps coming...

I spent the day sorting and shelving wools.. Rowan, Colinette, B&L, - yummy textures My supplies arrived today... and soon the sock yarns, alpaca, hemp blends... The Grey Heron Wool Shop will soon be opening... yikes.. only a week and a half.... Back to work I go...

Starting to fill the shelves...

spent the afternoon at Koigu... not a bad way to spend time and money.. The painters palette of colours would WOW anybody. So I'm on my journey of wool selections for my new shop. I'd tell you but then ... well you know the rest... All will be revealed in good time.. Perhaps one of our first projects to work on will be a little felted something or other. An afternoon project at our Knit Cafe Collingwood. We will have a drop in Knit'n Chat.. we thinking Wednesday afternoons and perhaps an evening by demand... so once we get open please stop by and let us know what you would like to work on... make a list... Of course our natural clothing will still be a big part of our shop.. so don't worry... Ciao for now, Karen

Here comes the fun!!!

Well, the word is out... Grey Heron is moving to Collingwood. That's exciting!! and the fact that we will have "The Wool Room" as our newest addition to the shop... Stay tuned for the workshop and class info... We now have the space to have some fun... If some of you are not familiar with my shop - Grey Heron - we specialize in natural fibre clothing... right up to size 24... Our influx of Danish, Swedish and Irish linen clothing makes for an eclectic mix of styles... surely not for the shy but the strong women who just wants to be herself... More later. Gotta go open the shop doors.. it's Saturday and pouring rain... great for the gardens Ciao for now, Karen