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Lace - practice... in fine style

Since our class with Kate & Glenna C we have been so inspired to create. The Wednesday girls wanted to knit a sampler so a discussion around lace, cables or something else arouse. For now, lace is the winner!!... and what a beauty we will knit. It will be sort of a knit along, a growth spurt, a learning curve, a laughing tool (since when ever we mention lace- Carol expresses a case of "Oh no!!") With not too much surfing I found this marvelous piece called Miss Lambert's Lace sampler by Franklin Habit. This stunning delicate lacework piece is just perfect for developing a joy for lacework.  Just as an FYI= Franklin will be teaching this weekend @ the Knitter's Frolic in Toronto. I wish I could attend perhaps next year. Read all about the Frolic and Franklin.

Wardrobe basics...

Good basic clothing pieces really offer a foundation for our spring fashions. The basic s/s white tee, white blouse, cardigan, basic jean, LBD = little black dress, a blazer/jacket, dress pants and a trench coat should be found in our closets. From there, we add the colour in our accessories. A multi colour scarf, great earrings, bright lipstick, fun nail polish and shoes. (flats, sandals, Berkies etc). How does the knitting world fit into this scheme? Well, a wonderful cardie for sure in a lovely colour. Maybe a fab shawl/wrap in a luscious fibre. How about a coat/jacket like the Einstein coat by Sally Melville. That's a beauty... Maybe a poncho since that fashion trend of the 80's is back ... What ever your fashion plan is for Spring have some fun.  

Mother Nature - What's up?

The hills are alive with the - sounds of SNOW.. OMG... can this be... Our apple blossoms will be sleeping again- I hope - my dogs were all set to jump out the dog door when they slammed the brakes on - EEgads!! snow, slush and ice... what the heck? On the bright side - it's still woolly sweater weather - even if I wore my sandals today... We can still knit warm and woolly since who knows what the weather will be... I'm OK no matter what the weather is afterall, we can't change it so just go with it... Now, skip the fingering weight projects and get back the fingerless mitten project...

Reading weekend...

Jim received this book a while back and rediscovered it this past week. Over the weekend I've heard several exerpts from it. You see, Jim being a guy from Alberta who moved to the big TO in the 60's can relate to this book 100%. From the humour to the location happenings it seemed so real. The parents find this place in Desolation Sound - umteen miles north of Vancouver... it's their new "summer home" - secluded - forested - water front - just perfect for a retreat... It's a perfect read...

We're knitting in public @ Grey Heron

Ok, it's coming up to WWKIP day. Grey Heron is hosting this fun event on their front porch - front lawn at the shop located @ 66 Pine St. Collingwood.,+collingwood,+ontario Come along, bring your lawn chairs, your knitting, crocheting, spinning- we're setting up outside. Door prizes - it will be fun... 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Knitting frenzy...

Since our workshop with Glenna C , Donna has been knitting up a fabulous selection of lace shawls. Her stash has taken a beating for sure. Sometimes you just get the bug to knit a fun little something and before you know it... well, have a look 198 Yds of Heaven     Citron - like our Danish car LOL Swallowtail  Holden doesn't seem to want to upload... it's a weather day thing I guess.... gorgeous in magenta!! You'll just have to drop by the shop to see it.... Oh, and of course a little test knitting.... Meet Miss Otis by Kate Atherley   - a touch of Apple Laine yarn   and tada!! a fun kerchief for spring So, unless Donna drops in today with another wee project... that's it/enough for hand knitting lace work... enough she says... when you're on a roll... ya just gotta keep goin... 

Wool shop rearrange

a little DK action  Spring is here so no time like the present to tidy up, showcase summer patterns and enjoy the thoughts of warmer weather... since today is cold, rainy and gloomy... So here's a couple of glimpses; summer mag display Danish wheel  EZ's watchful eye                 Now, let's plan class for the next few weeks...

Inspiration comes when you least expect it...

Fair Isle shingling... so neat!! I drive past this house everyday on my way to work. Finally I connected with what I was seeing. Here it is. I've tried to find out the history behind patterns of roof shingles - nothing yet... Do you know?  Let me know... now, time to put this to paper... what for a fair isle ?? pattern... 

Latvian fingerless anyone??

Over the last several months I have had a passion for colourwork. I've been reading, surfing and re-reading books, blogs, ravelry until I found this....Now you can see why I fell in love with this pattern. Good news, we are hosting a knit along Latvian fingerless. Beth Brown-Reinsel has been so kind as to let me purchase a few patterns, along with her DVD and her Gansey sweater book... Gansey anything will follow this little beauty... I'll keep you posted on the timing of the KAL

Morley the model

Early am today I was showing my husband my latest little kerchief and our goldendoodle Morley was very interested so... I decided he should have a closer look. He was not impressed!!

Love in Stitches

If you are a fibre lover- all forms you will enjoy this next show. My friend Rose has made quilts for very special people in her life. It started with a family quilt for her daughter and from there grew to many - to be passed along to someone special that had touched her life.  She left with them a "forever" quilt. Each stitched with detail and a careful eye for colour, Rose's magnificent show is now hanging in the Blue Mountains library. Here's a marvelous pic that really only gives you a small glimpse of this fantastic handwork.  Rose's work is showing all month. Do stop by if you get a chance.

Grey Heron Ravelry group opens up

So, check us out on ravelry- look under groups - Grey Heron. I have listed a few topics and a few more to come.

Found it!!

I was so inspired by Glenna C's lace work class @ Grey Heron KnitFest especially the Flower Basket shawl which apparently I keep calling the Flower Pot shawl... LOL anyway, I find it on Rav... it's listed as Interweave 2004 - and don't I just have that very copy here @ the shop... now what are the chances of that?? I ask you... It's meant to be... I have the perfect alpaca linen blend in natural (my hair colour) Ha!! so there's my next project as of I needed to find another project... It's the road of a knitter- zig zag back and forth, always with something on the needles or in mind... or like today it drops in your lap... A customer from Streetsville came into my shop today. She's here on holidays for a few days. She was wearing the sweetest little shawlette in handspun yarn (my hair colour again). I  asked her what pattern it was and that old forgetfulness kicked in... she'll let me know... I wonder if it's the flower pot shawl??  What's all

Donna's great idea

Donna, an avid knitter extraordinaire popped in today to say "thank you" for the wonderful workshop. She really enjoyed the day. She jumped at the chance to get started on a beautiful lace project. She knew I had a few cones of fingering weight yarn - time to start this shawl and plenty of yarn to do it with... Brown Sheep yarn cone  I don't know what shawl she will choose- Swallowtail was talked about... Donna chose a Blue Delft shade.. it will be gorgeous... But what an idea- cone yarn- no joins - leftovers for another shawl, perhaps... Brilliant idea....

Wednesday knitters works

The girls are busy working/finishing projects... having fun too and looking forward to their Saturday at KnitFest. Carol's Fair Isle sock leftovers       Carol's Slip Stitch socks - lucky person                                                             Ruth's Sally Melville Flat Mitts - Yay!! Can't wait to see Wednesday's projects- after the workshop teasing of lacework, colourwork and entrelac a few of the above projects just might be sidelined... time will tell                                                                                                                                                                               

KnitFest Spring 2012... pics tell the story

It was a chilly day with slight flurries but that didn't stop our knitters. Kate Atherley and Glenna C arrived in good time from Toronto. Coffee and muffin start to the day- Brenda's been working hard baking for the day Glenna's lace group get an eyeful of the Pi shawl... absolutely gorgeous!! EZ Pi shawl     OMG just a few YOs &  K2togs Entrelac begins Attentive group Kate gets the group's attention- her scarf is just beautiful in Noro yarn- colours flowing The day went so fast. Everyone was having such a great time learning something new, explained so easily by a well experienced knitter/designer/author etc...  The expert tips class given by the expert Kate... she has their undivided attention. Everyone waiting for their turn to ask their question. Even well seasoned knitters made discoveries... Gee I guess I've been doing that wrong for... years... I do find, every class I take, I always uncover something new, different