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Starting to fill the shelves...

spent the afternoon at Koigu... not a bad way to spend time and money.. The painters palette of colours would WOW anybody. So I'm on my journey of wool selections for my new shop. I'd tell you but then ... well you know the rest... All will be revealed in good time.. Perhaps one of our first projects to work on will be a little felted something or other. An afternoon project at our Knit Cafe Collingwood. We will have a drop in Knit'n Chat.. we thinking Wednesday afternoons and perhaps an evening by demand... so once we get open please stop by and let us know what you would like to work on... make a list... Of course our natural clothing will still be a big part of our shop.. so don't worry... Ciao for now, Karen

Here comes the fun!!!

Well, the word is out... Grey Heron is moving to Collingwood. That's exciting!! and the fact that we will have "The Wool Room" as our newest addition to the shop... Stay tuned for the workshop and class info... We now have the space to have some fun... If some of you are not familiar with my shop - Grey Heron - we specialize in natural fibre clothing... right up to size 24... Our influx of Danish, Swedish and Irish linen clothing makes for an eclectic mix of styles... surely not for the shy but the strong women who just wants to be herself... More later. Gotta go open the shop doors.. it's Saturday and pouring rain... great for the gardens Ciao for now, Karen