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Blocking 220 Superwash

We carry over 50 colours of 220 SW. It's fabulous for children's clothing, baby blankets and any garment you want to have machine washable!!    Cascade Yarns presents: Carly's Helpful Yarn Tips! How to block 220 Superwash®   220 Superwash® is designed to be used for no-fuss garments that are washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer .  The fibers of our 220 Superwash® have been descaled, which prevents them from gripping each other, especially when wet.  You may find that when you pull your piece out of the washer, it looks like it grew.  No worries, put it in the dryer and it will spring back into shape!  Suppose your piece has texture elements like lace or ribbing that need to be opened up after washing and drying.  You can block 220 Superwash® to accomplish this.  There are three common ways that most people block knitwear:  steaming, soak and pin, and pin and spritz.  Because 220 Superwash® tends to grow when saturated with water and needs t