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Sally says it Best!!!

Here's Sally's latest blog post. Doesn't this hit home. Supporting a local business has more sides to it than one would see.  Thank you Sally for shedding light on this very important situation!! saving the world, one yarn shop at a time We all find ourselves making decisions these days--for financial and ethical reasons. Whether food or shoes, we are thinking differently about what we buy, how much we buy, and where we buy it. So, with this in mind, I'd like to share a sad story with you. I was recently in a wonderful yarn shop (doesn't matter where). I spoke to the owner about what fabulous yarn she had, and she shared with me a not unfamiliar story . . .  that there are a significant number of customers who enter, fondle, leave, and buy the same yarn elsewhere--for a few dollars less. So these were not people who had to buy online (those poor souls who do not live near yarn shop): these were people who wanted access to the yarn shop so the

Mother's Day gifts for knitters...

Yarn bowl + Gadgets Knitters are an easy group to please ... We have tried to make shopping for Mother's day an easy job here... Beautiful kits for sock knitters, lace shawl knitters, hand crafted yarn bowl with gadgets, great books and of course - walls of yummy yarns... So, stop in this week and pick out something wonderful for your Mom Lace Lovers Kit Sock Lovers Kit     Coffee + Sock Lovers Gift