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I'm not a poncho

This cute little number is Brenda's latest creation. I love it!!... although made up in Briggs Super it's a tad heavy... but gorgeous... She added the pewter buttons for a touch of flair.... tada!! Keeps the chill out, adds a great style... and easy to do... Two panels the same size, pick up around the neck line for a t-neck, mock neck or couple rows of ribbing... your choice...

Necker class was a hit!!

We're off to the races... how many can we get done before Christmas? What a fun class we had. Neckers, cowls and gaiters dressing the wooden heads stands. Brenda had been hard at work getting our patterns and designs created, knitted and ready to go. Even at the last minute the Green button neckwarmer emerged - a touch of wool and ribbons to create a wonderful piece to keep the chill out. Everyone was hard at work... Debra was taking a moment to reflect on the class!! Their patterns were chosen with such great care, the creations were started, up with a flair, Smiles and laughter filled the air!!! More pics to follow as each knitters does the "Show & Tell" stay tuned...