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Regia Latex - non skid paint for felted slippers

Many of you have been waiting for this product. The first order has sold out and the second order is on the way. Add this non-skid latex to the bottom of your felted slippers - it grips and stops the slippery bottoms Here's the write up blurb: It comes in three colours, black, blue and red, and can be applied with a brush or even a scrap of cardboard. You should try this amazing latex product! Applying Regia ABS Latex milk: To ensure the milk does not go right through the whole sock, cut 2 matching templates out of card the shape of the sole and insert into each sock. Mark out and paint the desired motif onto the socks with the latex milk freehand or using a stencil, applying the latex milk sparingly. Then allow the socks to dry well.  You can use a gentle heat source to speed the drying process up.   Paint over the stencil with the ABS until the thickness seems right.  Allow the socks to dry well, preferably overnight. Tip:  The socks are more comfortable if t

Learn Lace Knitting

        This class is for the beginner to learn about the stitch combinations that make up most lace knitting projects.  Thursday Nov 7 th and Thursday Nov 14 th 10am to 12pm      $25.00 Includes:   handouts, pattern We start practicing lace knitting by making a bookmark – small do-able project From there, we start on knitting your choice of lace scarf or lace shawl.  You can join in the KAL = Knit A-Long with our Thursday afternoon knit group.  Choose your yarn, pattern and start your lace knitting with your "guidance counselors working at the same table in case you need some help.   Pre-register by Friday November 1st.


We just finished our Felting class this week. Boy did we have a great time!! We had several felting ideas like:  slippers, mittens, hats, boots, animals, clogs, handbags, totes Here is a mighty fine felted carpet created by one of Brown Sheep's customers.  The group at Brown Sheep have shared this story:   Chad shared his “recipe” with us for the rug, in case you’d like to create one yourself.  He used six different colors of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky Weight yarn and cast on 73 stitches on size 15 needles and knit for 93 rows.  He knit about 45 pieces, and then felted each piece.  He wanted to have circles and abstracts pieces in the rug, too, so he added them into the design.  After all the pieces were felted, a company put the rug together for him.  Total time for the project?  “It took me one year and three months to knit and felt all of the squares for the rug— in between other projects.” Who's up for making a carpet?? 

Green Gable Knits .... surprise!!!

This delightful book is one of a series of books written by Joanna Johnson. Her latest book called Green Gable Knits will be released next month. Aside from the Anne of Green Gables story line, the book boasts of many knitted patterns. Peggy Jo Wells owner of the Brown Sheep wool company mentioned this book and author to me. Joanna's knitted designs use many of the Brown Sheep wool choices. Grey Heron has been chosen as one of the exclusive yarn shops to review the book, patterns, conduct KALs etc.... CAN'T WAIT!!!