Grey Heron Yarns - Website is BACK!!!!

The website is BACK!!

These uncertain times left me searching for ways for GH customers to purchase supplies in an easy fast way.

While my intentions were to revamp my web page, when Shop Belleville mentioned my website could be reactivated, that was it!!

Reopen it, tidy it up, fill the products into those categories on my Shop Belleville pages - that was the answer!!

It will take several days to load 854 items in the first round of uploads, but that's a good start. 

We will be starting with our Estelle DK, Worsted and Chunky product lines. 
Very popular here at GH!! 
It's an acrylic/wool blend with a favourable price point of $8.99

I will be at the shop checking the colours we currently have in stock, topping them up and adding a few new colours now available. 

Grey Heron Website   I'm currently up dating information there so some of the views and news will be changing.  

Estelle Yarns You can check the details of the Estelle DK, Worsted and Chunky yarns on their website using this link. 

Cascade 220 Superwash -100% wool will be the next groups added

Grey Heron Shop Belleville page

You will notice that the pricing is located in the yarn details section. For now, the full option for creating a shopping cart and "checking out" will come nearer to the end of May when I can marry the category items with my inventory program. 

So, for now, all the yarns will be posted, the needle brands and sizes we carry will be listed and a few notions will also be there.

We're almost there. 

Thank you for continuing to place orders with GH. 

You're the BEST!!

As a small business this mandated closure had us worried. 

A little "out of the box thinking" has renewed our possibilities!!

Thank you, Karen  



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