We carry knitting needles - What are you looking for?

We each have our favs - interchangeables, fixed, straights, circs, DPNs - OH my gosh!! so many brands to choose from....

Knit Picks - Clover - Denise - Chiaogoo - Susan Bates - Lionbrand
Bryspun - Addi - Brittany - Pony - Unique

Interchangeable sets - Knit Picks, Denise, Chiaogoo, Addi
Straights - Knit Picks, Clover, Susan Bates, Lionbrand, Bryspun, Brittany
DPNS - Knit Picks, Clover, Bryspun, Brittany, Chiaogoo, Unique
Circulars -Knit Picks, Clover, Denise, Susan Bates, Pony
 Interchangable Tips - Knit Picks, Denise

We also carry crochet hooks and a huge wall of notions... Check with us to see if we have what you are looking for. We can always order in for you...


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