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Special offer to attend KnitFest

Scrumbling handbag class with Nancy McHugh


Duct Tape Diva photos

Well, a fun time was had by all. It's surprising how heavy the finished mannequin is, how revealing it is and how hard it is to stand for more than an hour.

Have a look -

 Here's four of our group Diva's... more to follow next week
Stuff with fibre fill, try spray foam, create a stand

Display scarves, necklaces etc... when not using it as a measuring tool for your knitting or sewing.

Spectacular class

A Scumbling we will go...

Well, let me tell you the latest craze @ greyheron is our Scumbling "Monet" Hobo bag. While it looks random, there is methodalogy behind it. Of course the colour play goes without saying but the pattern creates this slightly abstract gorgeous hobo bag.

Get ready for a scumble class in October. Date tbd--- here's a sneek peek....

We're going on-line... yippie!!

For all your needs at your finger tips- anytime of day or night, afterall were knitters, we know no time boundaries...
We should be ready in a couple of days, and it will continuely build as new products arrive.

Look for us on

Online shopping - Soakwash, Cabin Fever products, Cascade, Brown Sheep, King Cole, Eucalan and the list goes on - needles too

Denise2Go arrives next week

Here's our newest needle kit from Denise interchangeables.  This handy kit gives you the most used needle sizes with cables in a beautiful little bag.

The stylish case, hand-sewn from designer cottons, contains:

6 pairs of knitting needles, US#5-#10 (3.75 – 6mm)1 G6 (4mm) crochet hook 3 cords, 14, 16 and 19” (36, 41 and 48cm)2 end buttons and 1 extenderNeedles, hook and cords are all colored to coordinate with
the rosy case.

Pantone colours for Spring...2013 !!!!

I know, it's early - but give them credit- they are keeping us on our toes. What a nice colour pallet.

Just wanted to keep you in the "know" 

Toasty Texter - Thrum fingerless

Thrumming is such a wonderful technique to add to a pair of fingerless. While you are busy texting your hands are toasty warm - hence the name.
We have kits ready with multi coloured Corriedale fleece and 100% wool + blends and of course the pattern. Makes a great gift for a teen or the young @ heart... Another Small Project brough to you by the Grey Heron design group.

Holiday Gifts just arrived

Where to start- so many lovely gifts and just the right ones too.... I'll get my list started with the Ipswich Scarf after my Aunt Ella- therefore I'll call it Ella in her honour. An 86 yr Aunt who drank beer from a bottle and smoked big fat cigars- much to my mother's chagrin... of course in the 60's that would have been out of character, but Aunt Ella was a strong Englishwomen - perhaps a feminist before her time who died in Ipswich UK. Strong - willed kind "one of a kind" ...