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Elvis is heading to Collingwood

I'm knitting like crazy to finish a few baby gifts for a shower this weekend. My new-born booties are now my oversized footwear about to become my new- newborn felted booties:)
The real new born booties are almost finished. The baby hat looks a tad large so it will be gently felted to reduce the size.It would really be nice if I started these projects before the week I need them... oh well, such is life. Take it as it comes and don't fuss too much....

So, like I was saying- Elvis is coming to Collingwood this weekend- so dust off the ol-blue suede shoes and head on over the town will be hopping!!

Find all the details @
It should be a blast-

Look what arrived today?

I am so excited. Gifted- by Mags Kandis has just arrived. I see so many lovely things to make.

Min danske venner vil elsker de " fulled jule bling" - translation-
My danish friends will love their felted" Jule Bling" gifts for this years gift exchange.

I will be enjoying a little "glog" with mine as I embroider little details of love on each one ...

Here's my gift list so far:

Frilly neck wrap- gorgeous mohair - 2 balls - great BFF gift
Ruby red foo baby hat- just in time for the holiday gift giving- any new babies to knit for? oh ya!
Petaled slouch cap- beautiful leaf details accompanied by a lovely leaf flower brooch- complete!!
Funky earmuffs- great teen gift or for the young at heart- one for me- one for Brenda

This book is a winner for sure!!! Every picture showcases a very well thought out detail, fun recipes to prepare to accompany your gifts...
I can't wait to get started. I'm already rummaging through my stash- making plans to get started.


It's been a while...

We have been very busy around here. We celebrated Canada Day in Collingwood by participating in the downtown fashion show.
My daughter modeled a fun summer tank and short. My son wore the Tilley hat & vest with hemp pants, a bamboo polo and a side pouch... they both looked fab.. my grandson stole the show... he was a little shy but came around when asked a few questions...
The main street is now open right down to the waterfront. What a lovely stroll along the water area.