My fortune says: You will be doing something new at work

Wow, I couldn't agree more. Every once and a while an opportunity presents itself... it sure did today. So, many thanks to XYZ, well suffice to say you know who you are - the timing was perfect., just like the day Rhichard and I sat down for our first meeting. I'm staring at the Master Colour Mixer's yarns- gorgeous beyond belief... of course my mind jumps to ideas - great we could make socks, hats oh and a beautiful lacey shawl- and so the first opportunity shows up....
The pattern development stage evolves... so much time invested to knit, tweek, reknit, draft the pattern, review and review again... as of today we have about a dozen patterns ready to launch at the TNNA show in Long Beach CA.... op number two...
Then, the timing to introduce "Beginner weaving" classes at the shop. You heard it here first... Are you curious about weaving? Want to try your hand at weaving- stay tuned for class info - op number three
One never knows from one day to the next the changes that will open up before you.

Faithful friends win again... so thanks


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