Practising Sock Heel Knitting

Sock Heels 

Cute heels :) 

How many times have you started to knit socks and 
everything's going along just fine then - 
you arrive at the heel :(

Peptalk = Read and re-read the directions, 
I can do this!! - I can do this!!... 

Well, your knitting the heel flap, okay not bad and then 
comes the dreaded.... 
"pickup so many stitches along the edge" - 
Here comes trouble... 
well we have planned the class for you!!

Join us on 
Tuesday April 3rd - 10am to 12pm - $24.00

We have homework for this class so we can get 
started right away on practising our heel work. 

Pre-registration is required - 
last day to sign up Thursday Mar 29th
Don't delay - Sign up now!! - Seating is limited 

Call us 613-771-9222 
Email us


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