Collaboration Is Key To Business success;

Collaboration Is Key To Business success;

What Is collaboration And How Will It Help Me?
Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit. It is the ability to work together as a team and support each other to have a stronger chance to improve business performance and outcomes.
Collaboration is the key to Empower your business and take it to the next level. Collaborating with other business women with similar target audiences to you will help boost sales, website traffic and your reputation, but in order to ensure collaboration success you will need to follow these basic rules and collaboration practices.
According to research and best practices, the combination of several factors may help steer collaboration to achieve business results,
Empowerment - Empowerment is the attitude needed to unite together in a direction and vision for your joint campaign. In order to achieve the best results all parties involved must agree and share the same excitement and commitment to achieve a powerful positive vibe.
Culture - The collaborative culture of a business stems from its’ shared beliefs, values, and business practices. Collaboration is about creating value. You can also choose to collaborate with another business to improve your value, for example if your business was a hair dressing salon and you had no experience with writing for your blog, you could collaborate with a business that shares your target audience and exchange services for blog entries and share each others audience to achieve more value for both of the parties involved.
Technology - Social intelligence these days is a major factor which helps everyone stay on top of the collaboration success and improve the effectiveness of your campaign with ease.Platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more are helping businesses share and keep track of how collaboration campaigns perform and play out. Reports are showing cost efficiencies, speed to market, and greater pool of ideas and innovation through collaboration, which are passed on to the customer through cost savings and better products.
Don’t overlook the many features of collaboration tools. Like the endless conversations online, microblogging, commenting, and @mentions (similar to Twitter) gives everyone a chance to be responsive to new relationships and share what they know.
It’s interesting to hear stories like this about how emerging companies are still actively engaged in marketing but they’re saving costs. Instead they are looking for innovative ways to collaborate with partners and the community. I believe strongly in collaboration and find that once an agreement is made & all parties are committed to get results then it is highly effective.

Work together and build lasting relationships, once you have joined our network you can collaborate as many times as you like.  
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