What Knitters do to please others

Here's a funny story I heard today. My friend was asked to knit a winter white hat for this lady. So, of course my friend sets out to do just that. Now, where is the merino cashmere yarn I had? Hum, searching bin after bin = no winter white MC to find... now what, well my friend is very resourceful - she realized the last of the yarn she needed was already knit into a beautiful sweater - so picking out the cuff she knits the hat unraveling the yarn from the sleeve of the just knit sweater... have you stopped laughing yet? Wouldn't you want a friend like mine?? My answer was, well you can give your one sleeve sweater to "J" the summer knitter who came out to our knit group - after all "J" designed & knit a one sleeved sweater... there is a back story to that design...
My friend hasn't decided what to do with her sweater, but she's the type of friend we all want to have.
In this case, one who gives you the sleeve off their sweater.

If you have a funny knitting story, send it along - laughter is so good for the soul!! 


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