KnitFest Spring 2012... pics tell the story

It was a chilly day with slight flurries but that didn't stop our knitters. Kate Atherley and Glenna C arrived in good time from Toronto. Coffee and muffin start to the day- Brenda's been working hard baking for the day
Glenna's lace group get an eyeful of the Pi shawl... absolutely gorgeous!!
EZ Pi shawl     OMG just a few YOs &  K2togs

Entrelac begins

Attentive group

Kate gets the group's attention- her scarf is just beautiful in Noro yarn- colours flowing

The day went so fast. Everyone was having such a great time learning something new, explained so easily by a well experienced knitter/designer/author etc... 
The expert tips class given by the expert Kate... she has their undivided attention. Everyone waiting for their turn to ask their question. Even well seasoned knitters made discoveries... Gee I guess I've been doing that wrong for... years... I do find, every class I take, I always uncover something new, different, easier way or confirmation that yup, that's OK to do...

Here's a few of my discoveries- Signature needles- beauties!!, Entrelac- not as hard I one thought, Colourwork - raid the Home Depot paint department for paint chips and get planning your next colourwork project, Really block lacework- make those tips n stitches stand out, Take yourself just outside of you comfort zone- it will be OK...

Time invested = Pi Shawl...
Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make the day so special - Jim - couldn't have done it with out you!!... the food was fabulous!!

So, the KnitFest Fall plans are under way along with a Road Trip Yarn Crawl to downtown Dornoch and Inverhuron - who knows where we're going?


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