Wednesday afternoons with Lucy

I love Lucy... not Ricardo but Neatby!!.. We had such fun yesterday. I planned to host a Lemonade & Popcorn party every Wednesday afternoon with the knit group so we could watch Lucy Neatby DVDs. Yesterday was our first show. How much fun did we have?? TONS!!... so much so they want to watch the same DVD again. The cast ons, & offs followed by the Inc & Dec was so interesting- they want to view it again... The helpful tips and how to/why info combos was such a good fit.
Sometimes one has to get into knitting for a while so when a DVD of info come along it opens the mind to new concepts instead of confusing one.
They are keeners now to try a few of their new techniques. Next week pictures... We were pleased to have join our group Marsha from PA USA. Her husband was on the golf course and she had dropped into the shop the day before, we chatted about the movie afternoon and she joined right in.
If you might think Lucy's DVDs would be interesting- try it you'll like it!!
Ciao for now, Karen


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